victorias secret model natural hair

Natural Hair Celebrated at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

victorias secret model natural hair
No extension, no excessively curled hair, no wigs, just models’ natural hair the way it is. Do they look any less pretty? Nope. More on USA Today.

Meanwhile in Venezuela… Women Sell Their Hair so They Can Buy Things

The economic crisis has gone worse in Venezuela, and women are now crossing the border to Colombia to sell their hair for around $20, so they cab buy daily necessities, including medicines that are not available back home.

UNESCO added 16 new items on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Including Belgium’s beer brewing culture, Iran and Turkey’s making of flatbread, Cuba’s rumba music, Egypt’s stick game, China’s 24 solar terms, Dominican Republic’s merengue, the culture of women divers in Jeju Island, Korea, and others. More on NPR.

Four global cities are planning to ban all diesel-powered vehicles next decade

By 2025, all diesel-powered cars and trucks are likely to be banned in Paris, Mexico City, Madrid and Athens. The local government will also actively promote walking and cycling. This move is made to improve air quality. More on BBC.

Research: Sex Help Boost Women’s Memory

A team of researchers from McGill University in Canada involved 78 young women aged 18 to 29 in their study and found that found women with an active love life scored better in tests measuring their working memory, especially on recalling words. Previous tests have shown that men also benefit from regular sex. More on Mail Online.

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