giraffe facing extincton

Spain is honoring women by renaming many of its streets after them

Influential women’s names will replace fascist figures as Spain’s street names. I so want to live in Frida Kahlo street! Or maybe Penelope Cruz. Who knows? More on CN Traveler.

US life expectancy decline for the first time since 1993

The decline is only by one-tenth (from 78.9 in 2014 to 78.8 in 2015), but it demonstrates the worsening overall health condition. Reports show increases in almost every cause of death, especially Alzheimer’s disease. More on The Washington Post.

Giraffes may be facing extinction

giraffes may be facing extinction the animal’s population shrinks nearly 40% in three decades. They are now on the endangered and watched list. When we realize how this tall animal we’ve been taking for granted may not be around any longer, that’s when we know we’re screwed. Right? Scientists blamed habitat lost for giraffes’ shrinking population as the only mammal whose endangerment status changed this year. More on USA TODAY.

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