I Reached My 2016 Resolution: The Importance of Weekly Goal Setting

weekly goal planner daytodaydo

It’s almost the end of 2016 and I’m proud to say that I have reached most of my 2016 resolution (yay yay!) My goals aren’t so great and important to humanity and all, but it feels great achieving them! I will definitely elaborate more on this experience in other posts, but for now I’m going to share the one thing that has helped me with the process: weekly goals setting.

One thing I found important to actually reach my goals is breaking it down to monthly, weekly, then daily goals. For example, my goal is to write a hundred proses in three months. That means I have to write at least thirty of them each month, which means, it’s one for every day. It sounds too simple even to think about, but if you don’t do it day by day or week by week, sorry, that awesome massive goal will just sit there, mighty, but unconquered. I prefer mine in chunks but done!

weekly goals setting bullet journal daytodaydoWeekly goals setting is particularly important to me because it’s easy to navigate through. I may not be able to complete some goals or tasks yesterday, so when I have free time today, I’ll look into my weekly goals and point out one or two things that I can do. In other words, its flexibility helps me use my time better.


So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Things I use:


weekly goal planner daytodaydo

My weekly goals page is accompanied by daily spread where I list specific things I plan to do this day to achieve that weekly goal (post coming soon). For example, this week I plan to write two blog posts. In Monday spread, I’ll set:

        • do research
        • write content

And on Tuesday, I will be doing:

        • take pictures
        • promote new post

and so on.

All those little tasks is possible to list because I have my weekly goals.

weekly goal planner daytodaydo

As you can see, I separate my weekly goals into categories:

        • blogging
        • freelance work
        • personal projects
        • reading
        • playing
        • cooking
        • reminder


This categorization is a good practice for people who have many aspects of life, or have many interests. It makes everything so much easier (and let’s face it: prettier and more organized).

Playing (music) and cooking is not on my 2016 resolution, but I added them because why not? So it’s no pressure at all in doing them but listing fun additional things I want to do helped me allocate my free time better. Most days, I end up cooking something or practicing some songs on the piano instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram because I write the “buffer” plan in my weekly page.