3-Color Simple Habit Tracker: Showcase and Insights

bujo habit tracker

Bullet journal habit tracker is one of the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Really; I mean it. It’s actually one of the many reasons I decided to toss my existing planning system (even though I liked it a bunch!) and embrace the prettiness and flexibility of bullet journaling.

That being said, setting up a habit tracker page has been a lot of fun. The first time I did it was the first month I started bullet journaling (yes, right away), August 2016. It was kind of a mess and I skipped most of the days out of laziness. So, here’s my November habit tracker instead.

bujo habit tracker

I use coloring pencils to mark the activities I managed to do each day. By choosing only 3 colors: red, orange, and yellow, I was able to keep it pretty but simple.

bujo habit tracker

On some days, I excuse myself from some desired-habits because I was engaged in another all-day activity. I think this is important because that way I don’t feel bad about myself and retain my confidence in making the habit stick, so I’m going to keep on doing that.

I’m still struggling on some desired-habits, but I’m getting better on my morning ones. The rest is a lot harder because I rarely set a specific time apart to actually do them, so every time I get a little busy, the habit got forgotten.

Monthly habit tracker is a very simple yet useful way to help form new habits. For me, it’s not just a tracker. It’s a motivation to actually stick to my habits, so I can shade those boxes and they can look pretty. Yes, really. It’s a satisfaction of its own.

How’s your habit-keeping going?