9 Places on The Internet to Find Blog Post Ideas

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So, you started a blog? Great! (You haven’t? Start here.)
Now on to the tricky part. Creating and posting contents consistently is essential to build credibility and gain presence. So how do you keep ‘em blog post ideas coming?

There are so many things you can do to generate new ideas for blog posts. But perhaps the easiest way to achieve that is by exploring the mother and sphere of the blog itself: the internet.

Here are 9 places in the internet you can scout to find blog post ideas.

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News Outlets

This doesn’t mean you should write about big international issues like politics and such. (Although it’s fine if you want to and it fits your overall blog). But you can always learn or seek inspiration from what is happening in the world or around you. Ask yourself, how does this affect my readers? If you have a unique take on certain news, share it.

Social Media

Social media is gaining importance as a platform where people share everything. What interesting discussions happen in Facebook? Or, what’s the trending topic in Twitter today? Is there a new trend you observe on Instagram?

Other Bloggers’ Comment Section

What are the questions being asked by readers? What topics sparked discussions? Formulate new topic based from questions or discussions happening in the comment section of other bloggers from your niche.

Your Blog’s Comment Section

This goes beyond saying: always mind your comment section. Answer to questions, respond to appreciation. If your readers ask you a question and you think, “Oh I would need an entire blog post to explain this,” then, there you go! Write that blog post. You can also address a common problem your readers share about a particular topic.

Other Bloggers’ Blog Post

When you read a blog post about a particular topic and have a question in mind, investigate the answer and form a blog post about it. In other words, find out what’s missing from a blog post and elaborate it in your own.

Your Own Blog Post

I make it a habit to re-read my own blog post to find if I can update something and add new value to the post. Another thing I achieved by doing that is finding new topics I could write about. For example, this very post inspired me to write a whole new post on using analytics (coming soon!).

Google Alerts

Amid the plethora of information on the internet, often it’s hard to find just the information you need. That’s why you need to set up some Google Alerts and let it do the work. Google Alerts will send you e-mails about the keywords you specified.google alerts


If you never pay attention to your analytics, start doing it right now! To find fresh blog post ideas, take a look at the keyword phrases that bring people to your blog or website. Create more topics based on those phrases and keep the people coming! Google Analytics is a great, free way to start.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Keep up with the latest thing people like or share in the internet with social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Delicious, Digg, or StumbleUpon. Find the things that genuinely interest you or you think will interest your readers; don’t do it just to be interesting or hip.


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