Movie Journal (Digital)


A movie journal bundle to keep track of your movie-related experiences and thoughts.

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Calling all movie lovers!
Where are the thoughts you had when you watch that Woody Allen movie? Did you are did you not watch that new controversial indie movie? Where did you scribble that awesome quote from that last movie you watch? That would make a great Instagram caption!

Keep all your movie-related notes in one place.
✓ Movie details (director, year, casts, duration)
✓ Watched details (date, place, with)
✓ Plot
✓ Genre checklist
✓ Comments
✓ Quotes
✓ Similar to
✓ Recommend this to
✓ Overall rating
✓ To Watch List

Prefer to keep your notes digitally?
No problem!

The movie journal bundle comes with a fillable PDF in single pages. Click to start typing, click to tick on the genre, click to start rating. Easy and organized!


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