donald trump selected women of color for administration

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It’s a brand-new wonderful day. Here are some interesting things that matters today:


Trump Picked Three Women of Color for Administration

donald trump selected women of color for administration
Considering his hate speech and overall misogynistic attitude, it’s okay to be surprised that president-elect Donald Trump actually selected three women of color to join his administration. Trump picked South Carolina governor Nikki Haley to represent the US in the UN, former labor secretary Elaine Chao for transportation secretary, and health policy consulting founder Seema Verma to be Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

American Muslim Women’s Self-Defense Against Hijab-Yanking A**holes

I mean, why? How is it okay to just assault women with hijab and forced them to loose it? Zaineb Abdulla encourage other women to learn how to defend themselves against such bigotry with some Brazilian jiu jitsu moves. Her step-to-step video has gone viral, take a look here.

Help astronauts poop easier

Decades of space exploration initiatives, one crucial issue remain: how to make pooping more convenient to astronaut? You know, with the bulky zipped suit and zero gravity, the luxury of pooping is not to be taken for granted up there. As for now, astronauts use some kind of vacuum and a tube to facilitate their pooping and use a funnel to pee. Submit your innovative idea and join the poop challenge here, for real!

The New Awesome Pirelli Calendar Concept

Continuing their annual tradition of releasing star-studded calendar, the Milan-based mega company is now embracing positive body image by featuring various stars with different color and body types, and even ages; unretouched. The 2017 calendar will be featuring the gracious 71-year-old Helen Mirren to Alicia Vikander as the youngest at 28 years old.

Research: Chemicals Left on Your Cellphone Can Reveal Your Lifestyle

So maybe it’s true, no one knows you better than your phone. Researchers from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) claimed that they can determine diet, preferred hygiene products, health status and location visit just from swabbing your cellphone.

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