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Before settling for bullet journaling, I went on trying every single planning system I came across. I tried doing it monthly, weekly, daily, hour-to-hour, and any other combinations I could make out of them. I purchased different notebooks, planners, and journals. And while some of them are really great, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to planners, there’s no one-size-fits-all, and my size is particularly an awkward in-between one. (Or maybe I’m like a person with a right feet one size bigger than the left so while the shoes out there are perfect, I still need to craft my own. Well, you get my point.)

So, partly for that reason and partly for the joy of the creative process, I decided to create my own daily planner. Even when I have the total freedom to create my own system from scratch, I went through quite a long (and exciting!) process of finding out my needs and coming up with a way to cater to my every needs. I have created more versions than I can name (one can only have so many ver1.5.x.x before losing count). I print them out and try using the pages for a few weeks and make some notes from the substantial ones (add “Expenses” section!) to more trivial ones (square too big?) and revise and revise and revise. It sounds like so much trouble but I did have fun!

free daily planner printable

Mind you, I am not in any way a design or Photoshop expert. I’m learning it by doing and by my own errors so if I can do it, I’m sure you can, too.

So, here it is; still not perfect, but I decided to acknowledge my passion and efforts in creating this by sharing with you. As I said, I create this for me so if you don’t think this is for you, I encourage you to create your own! (If you don’t want to start from scratch, I’m offering you my .psd file. Contact me to get it for free!)

Tips: This free daily printable looks great printed in any size (A4, A5, or even smaller). I use it in A6 because my handwriting is rather small.

Free Daily Printable ver1

free printable daily planner

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As you can see, my day ended early at 9 pm – because I need that 8 hours of sleep and so do you!

Features “habits” and “expenses” on the right bar. I find the habits section very useful to track habits, but I realize it can be too tiring and repetitive to write down your desired habits every single day. However, I found that writing it down can be useful to remind yourself of the desired behaviors. Even so, you can always opt for codes to represent a particular habit. I even use stickers or washi tape at some point (book sticker for reading, shoes sticker for running, etc.). Use it however you want, really!

The “Exercise” section can be used to track time spent doing any particular activity. I have used it to track time I spent exercising, practicing piano, even reading. Note that you can always contact me to get your .psd file and edit the sheet.

Free Daily Printable ver2

free printable daily planner

I made this version when I decided to learn Dutch (yeah, that went to the gutter). I aim for at least four words per day, while also learning from other platforms. I came up with a way to integrate it into my planning/journaling system. Later, I also used the section to write down new English words. But you can use it however you want. New terms you learn, articles you read, new songs you like, anything.


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So, enjoy my daily printables and do share me your experience in using it or in creating your own planning system!

How To Reward Yourself And Get More Things Done: The Reward Jar

ways to reward yourself the reward jar

I love what I do; I think it’s a privilege to able to enjoy the things you do to make ends meet. However, working haven’t always been pleasant. People got demotivated doing their hobbies, even. There are mindless tasks to be tackled. There are days I just want to curl up in bed and watch another episode of anything. That’s when I need external rewards to keep doing what I’m doing and not give in to the tenacious urge to take a 2-hours nap. That’s the time to explore various ways to reward yourself for keep on going despite the tempting coziness of lying around aimlessly.

I’ve been trying out so many methods to regulate (yes, I’m gonna use that word: regulate) my rewards system, and this is one of my favorite so far: the reward jar.

reward jar ways to reward yourself daytodaydo

This is how the reward jar works:

You’ll need:

  • A jar (duh!) – any jar or used bottles or anything your hand can fit in.
  • Papers
  • List of activities or things to reward yourself – make it yourself or download mine here! (blank template included!)

Start rewarding yourself:

  • Print out pre-made list of ways to reward yourself, or write it down yourself.
    This is optional but recommended: you can separate your rewards into two category, big/expensive and small/cheaper. This can be done by using different color papers for different categories.
    If you’re using my list, you can print the first and second page in different color. For example, I print my small reward in purple and big reward in red.

reward yourself daytodaydo

reward setting goals daytodaydo

  • Every time you feel demotivated or in need of external rewards, set a specific, reasonable goal you need to accomplish in order to gain a chance to draw a reward from the reward jar.
    Example: When I finish writing this blog post, I will get draw myself a small reward from the jar.
  • Do your thing. Achieve that goal. You are more than capable of doing it.
  • When you’re finished, draw one paper for the reward as promised. If you can do it right away, do it. If you can’t, schedule a specific time and date to claim your creambath/massage/anything you got.

reward jar daytodaydo

  • Feel refreshed, accomplished, and enjoy yourself.



If I’m not happy with the reward I get when I draw, can I change it?
It’s a good idea to make sure that everything you put in that jar is something you can enjoy. Maybe it’s not a good idea to let yourself change rewards. It beats the excitement of surprise!

What do I do once I drew a reward from the jar? Do I put the paper back to the jar or throw it away?
This is totally up to you. You can save the papers you drew and put them back once the jar is emptying, or you can put it right away. Make your own rules, but stick with it.


So far, this has been a very fun way to reward and motivate myself. What’s your favorite ways to reward yourself? I’d love to try it!