Awesome Movies With Strong Female Leads

female boss movies elle

For strong, fierce girl bosses who deserve their own movies.

Let’s admit it. At some point, we owe our inspiration to other lady bosses – real or fictional. A lot of times, I turn to movies to get myself some positive, optimist vibe from movies with strong female leads. And, I have to say, those lady boss movies do wonders to me. They inspire, motivate, even uplift my mood when I feel like I just can’t (which happens a lot of times).

So here they are, my top list of movies with strong female leads. Female bosses, strong females, and ladies who make changes (or lots of money or both!). Better yet, some of these are even inspired by real-life female bosses who’s making it – so brace yourself ladies, your dream is not too good to be true.

Erin Brokovich

Erin (Julia Roberts) didn’t start out as a female boss. In fact, she was the opposite of a female boss. With three kids and no jobs, she’s struggling just to pay the bills. At one point, her resilience (and stubbornness) got her an admin job at a law firm. Even then, she was giving it her all. She went the extra mile. She did what was not expected of her. She sensed something is wrong and she wasn’t gonna sit around and let it be. Not with a law degree or experience but with attitude, “attitude”, wit, and hardwork, she drove one of the most impressive lawsuit win against a giant company.

Interestingly enough, Erin is a woman who knows her worth. She didn’t shy away from asking for a proportional raise. She let a man go when it’s impossible to keep both her man and her work. She is a self-made, bold, truly inspiring girl boss.

The Intern

the intern female boss

In a rare depiction of strong female boss in tech+fashion business, Jules (Anne Hathaway) run her fashion e-commerce business while her husband take care of their kid and home. Powerful and tough as she is, Jules still struggles in balancing her many responsibilities. Fellow moms think less of her because of the roles she and her husband arranged in the household. The business world insists that she needs help managing the successful startup she built.

The appearance of Ben (Robert De Niro) as an elderly intern brought a soft side in Jules. They develop a close and specific relationship that portrays perfectly how a woman can be both a powerful boss and delicate being all at once.


elle female boss movie
The pitch black plot and overall dark atmosphere of the movie is no reason to take this movie out of my list. For me, at the end of the day the fact remains that Elle is an indestructible, self-made boss. Personally, I just can’t fathom how the woman can still seem to function perfectly as the CEO of her own game company after the sexual assault she endured. Elle has a very bold, unbreakable character that outshines the exceedingly dark and depressing plot the movie bears.

Baby Mama

Hilarious duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler assumed two contrasting roles (as always?), lady boss Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) and working-class woman Angie (Amy Poehler). In her attempt to have a baby without a partner, Kate hires Angie to be her surrogate, only to find herself in the middle of drama swirling around the baby mama. In between her busy professional life as an executive of a big company, Kate attempts to handle her suddenly complicated domestic situation after asks to crashing for a while after breaking up with her boyfriend. This movie explores the dynamics of two very different women dealing with the craziness within and around them in such a witty and comical way.

The Blind Side

Contributed by Danielle Towner of The Taste Team, LLC

blind side female boss movies

Sandra Bullock portrays Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. A movie based on a true story about a timid teen, Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) with a flawed background. Tuohy and her husband eventually adopt and provide a stable home and life for him. With the family, and mainly Tuohy’s help, Michael taps into his capabilities and protective instincts of the past to excel in school and on the football field.

Tuohy is the perfect example of a strong female boss to me. She has a tough exterior, but also a nurturing side that enables her to care for a troubled child as if he’s her own. A boss knows how to communicate and influence. Tuohy takes time to understand Michael and speak his language to develop his skills on and off the field.

She also doesn’t back down or hold back when it comes to standing up for herself and her family. Through all her toughness, she still shows a softer side. In several scenes, she tries to hide her emotions and quickly wipes away her tears as she walks away. I like Sandra Bullock’s role in the movie because she reminds me of myself. Through wearing many hats, enduring tragedies, and celebrating triumphs, I always try to hold everything together.

Working Girl

Contributed by Jennifer of My Own True North

Working Girl 20th Century Fox

Melanie Griffith dazzles as plucky Wall Street secretary Tess McGill who refuses to play the good ole boys’ club games and stick to the roles women were relegated to in the 1980’s investment banking world. Tess is a modern woman ahead of her time and her determination to create her own after finding out her scheming boss’s betrayal (portrayed by Sigourney Weaver with epic comedic timing and looking stunningly beautiful while doing so) by stealing Tess’s idea. Tess plots her plan with the aid of her best girl friend, Cynthia (by gloriously shoulder padded Joan Cusack), and secures the help (and heart) of Jack Trainer (a rather quippy and witty Harrison Ford) under a pseudonym and. The rest is Reagan era fashion bliss.

Why this movie is not more frequently referenced in pop culture is a complete mystery. From Carly Simon’s opening sequence (for which an Academy Award was won) to brilliant writing and performance, I can watch this movie on a continuous loop. It falls into the Rom Com genre but really is all about the slay baby slay. Tess’s journey in the film begins as a secretary who suffers quite the massive disrespect but she knows she is not steak to be ordered and she shows us how to execute master girl boss ambition.

“I’m not going to spend the rest of my life working my ass off and getting nowhere just because I followed rules that I had nothing to do with setting up.”

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FREE Minimalist Versatile Daily Planner Printables

free daily printable daytodaydo

Before settling for bullet journaling, I went on trying every single planning system I came across. I tried doing it monthly, weekly, daily, hour-to-hour, and any other combinations I could make out of them. I purchased different notebooks, planners, and journals. And while some of them are really great, I came to the conclusion that when it comes to planners, there’s no one-size-fits-all, and my size is particularly an awkward in-between one. (Or maybe I’m like a person with a right feet one size bigger than the left so while the shoes out there are perfect, I still need to craft my own. Well, you get my point.)

So, partly for that reason and partly for the joy of the creative process, I decided to create my own daily planner. Even when I have the total freedom to create my own system from scratch, I went through quite a long (and exciting!) process of finding out my needs and coming up with a way to cater to my every needs. I have created more versions than I can name (one can only have so many ver1.5.x.x before losing count). I print them out and try using the pages for a few weeks and make some notes from the substantial ones (add “Expenses” section!) to more trivial ones (square too big?) and revise and revise and revise. It sounds like so much trouble but I did have fun!

free daily planner printable

Mind you, I am not in any way a design or Photoshop expert. I’m learning it by doing and by my own errors so if I can do it, I’m sure you can, too.

So, here it is; still not perfect, but I decided to acknowledge my passion and efforts in creating this by sharing with you. As I said, I create this for me so if you don’t think this is for you, I encourage you to create your own! (If you don’t want to start from scratch, I’m offering you my .psd file. Contact me to get it for free!)

Tips: This free daily printable looks great printed in any size (A4, A5, or even smaller). I use it in A6 because my handwriting is rather small.

Free Daily Printable ver1

free printable daily planner

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As you can see, my day ended early at 9 pm – because I need that 8 hours of sleep and so do you!

Features “habits” and “expenses” on the right bar. I find the habits section very useful to track habits, but I realize it can be too tiring and repetitive to write down your desired habits every single day. However, I found that writing it down can be useful to remind yourself of the desired behaviors. Even so, you can always opt for codes to represent a particular habit. I even use stickers or washi tape at some point (book sticker for reading, shoes sticker for running, etc.). Use it however you want, really!

The “Exercise” section can be used to track time spent doing any particular activity. I have used it to track time I spent exercising, practicing piano, even reading. Note that you can always contact me to get your .psd file and edit the sheet.

Free Daily Printable ver2

free printable daily planner

I made this version when I decided to learn Dutch (yeah, that went to the gutter). I aim for at least four words per day, while also learning from other platforms. I came up with a way to integrate it into my planning/journaling system. Later, I also used the section to write down new English words. But you can use it however you want. New terms you learn, articles you read, new songs you like, anything.


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So, enjoy my daily printables and do share me your experience in using it or in creating your own planning system!

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog And Get It Ready for 2017

GET YOUR BLOG READY and improve your blog for 2017

It doesn’t matter whether you just start blogging or if your blog is as old as you are – the blogging sphere is a constantly changing realm you have to keep up to. Improving your blog is not just a convenient option – it’s a necessity. There are new rules to follow, new improvements to consider, and new strategies to try in order to improve your blog. Here are some important things to do to get your blog ready for 2017. Get the free checklist at the end of the post!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something via the link, I receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you!). Read the Privacy Policy for more details.

prepare and improve your blog for 2017 (1)


1. Make Sure Your Website is Responsive

In Google’s term, responsiveness means your website or blog is mobile-friendly. This is already a key aspect in determining your website’s rank in mobile search result since 2015. As for now, more than 50% percent websites are already responsive. Don’t be left behind!

Checking your website’s mobile-friendliness is easy. Simply use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool to find out.

What to do if my website is not responsive?
For me, the easiest way to improve your blog to be more responsive is to simply switch to a responsive theme design. If you are using WordPress, you can find plenty of responsive themes in Themeforest. Here are some of my favorites:

Look Theme
responsive wordpress design to improve your blog for 2017


Wonderwall Magazine

wordpress themes to improve your blog for 2017


Berry Responsive Theme

Berry Responsive WordPress Theme for 2017

2. Take Down Those Intrusive Pop-Ups

I get it, pop-up is a great way to turn visitors into subscribers. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s blocking the entire content without a convenient way out. This can be a bothersome experience, especially for mobile users, where the “x” button is often inaccessible and users end up leaving without getting anything. If you ever had this kind of experience, Google hear ya. They announced that websites with intrusive pop-ups will not rank as highly as they did before.

For me, the best way to still get people to subscribe is to offer freebies. People enter their email and you send them an awesome list or workbook or e-book or anything, really. It gives your posts more value, and it wouldn’t risk your website being penalized by Google for intrusive pop-ups. You can do that easily with MailChimp. I’ve been using their service since I first started blogging and I’m happy with the experience!

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3. Optimize Old Contents

Search engine still accounts for more than half of website traffic. That means getting a good ranking is a big deal, and improving your ranking is an important measure to improve your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shouldn’t be your main and only framework in creating contents, but it’s a mistake not to pay attention to it. The best practices of SEO changes over time and there are many things to consider, but for me one of the best and easy way to keep my posts SEO-friendly is using the help of Yoast SEO plugin. If you didn’t pay attention to SEO in the past, it’s not too late to start optimizing your old contents for 2017.

4. Improve Your Website Speed

In this fast-paced world, no one have the time to wait an extra second for a page to load. Kissmetrics reports that even just a one second delay in page response can result in a 7% conversions reduction. And as many as 40% people leave a website that takes more than 3 loads to load.

Check your load time using Google Page Speed Test.

What to do if my website is too slow?
One of the biggest speed killer are images. If your website loads too slowly, you can start with optimizing your images using Plugins like WP Smush or EWWW Image Optimizer.


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5. Declutter

Minimalism gets its hip and popularity in this time of age for a reason. Life has become too overwhelming that simplicity is always appreciated more nowadays. It’s time to declutter your website. Simplify your menus and navigation. Merge your sub-menus whenever possible. You may not need different pages for sponsorship and writing service information. Evaluate your website and find submenus or even menus to merge to simplify your navigation. Contact me if you want me to do it for you!

Visual decluttering is also an important way to improve your blog. A minimalist design is kind to the eye, leave good first impression, and help readers focus more on your content. Themes and designs with lots of white space is best if you want to visually declutter your blog or website.
Editor Minimalist WordPress Theme
minimalist wordpress theme 2017 improve your blog

I know! It’s a lot, right? No worries. Download my free checklist to get your improvements in track. Enter your email and let’s grow your blog for 2017.

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How To Reward Yourself And Get More Things Done: The Reward Jar

ways to reward yourself the reward jar

I love what I do; I think it’s a privilege to able to enjoy the things you do to make ends meet. However, working haven’t always been pleasant. People got demotivated doing their hobbies, even. There are mindless tasks to be tackled. There are days I just want to curl up in bed and watch another episode of anything. That’s when I need external rewards to keep doing what I’m doing and not give in to the tenacious urge to take a 2-hours nap. That’s the time to explore various ways to reward yourself for keep on going despite the tempting coziness of lying around aimlessly.

I’ve been trying out so many methods to regulate (yes, I’m gonna use that word: regulate) my rewards system, and this is one of my favorite so far: the reward jar.

reward jar ways to reward yourself daytodaydo

This is how the reward jar works:

You’ll need:

  • A jar (duh!) – any jar or used bottles or anything your hand can fit in.
  • Papers
  • List of activities or things to reward yourself – make it yourself or download mine here! (blank template included!)

Start rewarding yourself:

  • Print out pre-made list of ways to reward yourself, or write it down yourself.
    This is optional but recommended: you can separate your rewards into two category, big/expensive and small/cheaper. This can be done by using different color papers for different categories.
    If you’re using my list, you can print the first and second page in different color. For example, I print my small reward in purple and big reward in red.

reward yourself daytodaydo

reward setting goals daytodaydo

  • Every time you feel demotivated or in need of external rewards, set a specific, reasonable goal you need to accomplish in order to gain a chance to draw a reward from the reward jar.
    Example: When I finish writing this blog post, I will get draw myself a small reward from the jar.
  • Do your thing. Achieve that goal. You are more than capable of doing it.
  • When you’re finished, draw one paper for the reward as promised. If you can do it right away, do it. If you can’t, schedule a specific time and date to claim your creambath/massage/anything you got.

reward jar daytodaydo

  • Feel refreshed, accomplished, and enjoy yourself.



If I’m not happy with the reward I get when I draw, can I change it?
It’s a good idea to make sure that everything you put in that jar is something you can enjoy. Maybe it’s not a good idea to let yourself change rewards. It beats the excitement of surprise!

What do I do once I drew a reward from the jar? Do I put the paper back to the jar or throw it away?
This is totally up to you. You can save the papers you drew and put them back once the jar is emptying, or you can put it right away. Make your own rules, but stick with it.


So far, this has been a very fun way to reward and motivate myself. What’s your favorite ways to reward yourself? I’d love to try it!

I Reached My 2016 Resolution: The Importance of Weekly Goal Setting

weekly goal planner daytodaydo

It’s almost the end of 2016 and I’m proud to say that I have reached most of my 2016 resolution (yay yay!) My goals aren’t so great and important to humanity and all, but it feels great achieving them! I will definitely elaborate more on this experience in other posts, but for now I’m going to share the one thing that has helped me with the process: weekly goals setting.

One thing I found important to actually reach my goals is breaking it down to monthly, weekly, then daily goals. For example, my goal is to write a hundred proses in three months. That means I have to write at least thirty of them each month, which means, it’s one for every day. It sounds too simple even to think about, but if you don’t do it day by day or week by week, sorry, that awesome massive goal will just sit there, mighty, but unconquered. I prefer mine in chunks but done!

weekly goals setting bullet journal daytodaydoWeekly goals setting is particularly important to me because it’s easy to navigate through. I may not be able to complete some goals or tasks yesterday, so when I have free time today, I’ll look into my weekly goals and point out one or two things that I can do. In other words, its flexibility helps me use my time better.


So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Things I use:


weekly goal planner daytodaydo

My weekly goals page is accompanied by daily spread where I list specific things I plan to do this day to achieve that weekly goal (post coming soon). For example, this week I plan to write two blog posts. In Monday spread, I’ll set:

        • do research
        • write content

And on Tuesday, I will be doing:

        • take pictures
        • promote new post

and so on.

All those little tasks is possible to list because I have my weekly goals.

weekly goal planner daytodaydo

As you can see, I separate my weekly goals into categories:

        • blogging
        • freelance work
        • personal projects
        • reading
        • playing
        • cooking
        • reminder


This categorization is a good practice for people who have many aspects of life, or have many interests. It makes everything so much easier (and let’s face it: prettier and more organized).

Playing (music) and cooking is not on my 2016 resolution, but I added them because why not? So it’s no pressure at all in doing them but listing fun additional things I want to do helped me allocate my free time better. Most days, I end up cooking something or practicing some songs on the piano instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram because I write the “buffer” plan in my weekly page.


3-Color Simple Habit Tracker: Showcase and Insights

bujo habit tracker

Bullet journal habit tracker is one of the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Really; I mean it. It’s actually one of the many reasons I decided to toss my existing planning system (even though I liked it a bunch!) and embrace the prettiness and flexibility of bullet journaling.

That being said, setting up a habit tracker page has been a lot of fun. The first time I did it was the first month I started bullet journaling (yes, right away), August 2016. It was kind of a mess and I skipped most of the days out of laziness. So, here’s my November habit tracker instead.

bujo habit tracker

I use coloring pencils to mark the activities I managed to do each day. By choosing only 3 colors: red, orange, and yellow, I was able to keep it pretty but simple.

bujo habit tracker

On some days, I excuse myself from some desired-habits because I was engaged in another all-day activity. I think this is important because that way I don’t feel bad about myself and retain my confidence in making the habit stick, so I’m going to keep on doing that.

I’m still struggling on some desired-habits, but I’m getting better on my morning ones. The rest is a lot harder because I rarely set a specific time apart to actually do them, so every time I get a little busy, the habit got forgotten.

Monthly habit tracker is a very simple yet useful way to help form new habits. For me, it’s not just a tracker. It’s a motivation to actually stick to my habits, so I can shade those boxes and they can look pretty. Yes, really. It’s a satisfaction of its own.

How’s your habit-keeping going?



9 Places on The Internet to Find Blog Post Ideas

find blog post ideas internet

So, you started a blog? Great! (You haven’t? Start here.)
Now on to the tricky part. Creating and posting contents consistently is essential to build credibility and gain presence. So how do you keep ‘em blog post ideas coming?

There are so many things you can do to generate new ideas for blog posts. But perhaps the easiest way to achieve that is by exploring the mother and sphere of the blog itself: the internet.

Here are 9 places in the internet you can scout to find blog post ideas.

finding blog ideas daytodaydo

News Outlets

This doesn’t mean you should write about big international issues like politics and such. (Although it’s fine if you want to and it fits your overall blog). But you can always learn or seek inspiration from what is happening in the world or around you. Ask yourself, how does this affect my readers? If you have a unique take on certain news, share it.

Social Media

Social media is gaining importance as a platform where people share everything. What interesting discussions happen in Facebook? Or, what’s the trending topic in Twitter today? Is there a new trend you observe on Instagram?

Other Bloggers’ Comment Section

What are the questions being asked by readers? What topics sparked discussions? Formulate new topic based from questions or discussions happening in the comment section of other bloggers from your niche.

Your Blog’s Comment Section

This goes beyond saying: always mind your comment section. Answer to questions, respond to appreciation. If your readers ask you a question and you think, “Oh I would need an entire blog post to explain this,” then, there you go! Write that blog post. You can also address a common problem your readers share about a particular topic.

Other Bloggers’ Blog Post

When you read a blog post about a particular topic and have a question in mind, investigate the answer and form a blog post about it. In other words, find out what’s missing from a blog post and elaborate it in your own.

Your Own Blog Post

I make it a habit to re-read my own blog post to find if I can update something and add new value to the post. Another thing I achieved by doing that is finding new topics I could write about. For example, this very post inspired me to write a whole new post on using analytics (coming soon!).

Google Alerts

Amid the plethora of information on the internet, often it’s hard to find just the information you need. That’s why you need to set up some Google Alerts and let it do the work. Google Alerts will send you e-mails about the keywords you alerts


If you never pay attention to your analytics, start doing it right now! To find fresh blog post ideas, take a look at the keyword phrases that bring people to your blog or website. Create more topics based on those phrases and keep the people coming! Google Analytics is a great, free way to start.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Keep up with the latest thing people like or share in the internet with social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Delicious, Digg, or StumbleUpon. Find the things that genuinely interest you or you think will interest your readers; don’t do it just to be interesting or hip.


find blog post ideas on the internet

Year at a Glance: My (First) Take on a Very Simple Future Log

bullet journal future log simple

I’ve been bullet journaling ever-so-loosely for the last few months. While I’m mostly using the daily spread and goal tracking, I finally decided to give Future Log a try.
Basically, it’s a year-at-a-glance system that allows you to easily spot important dates and the corresponding information. I was mainly interested because how pretty it looks (I know, right?), but a future log can also serve as a calendar; a convenient way to refer back and see any date in the year in your journal.

bullet journal future log
So, it wasn’t until I’m writing this post that I found out that the kind of month-to-month log I’m using is often called Ryder Carroll’s future log as he’s the one who first introduced the system.
This is how my future log looks like:

bullet journal future log ryder
bullet journal future log

As you can see, I started in December. Yes, I refuse to wait one whole month to start something and so should you. Start right now.
I used watercolor to write the months and clearly I have no idea what I’m doing (look at my “december”!) but what the heck; it was fun!

A closer look:

bujo future log watercolor monthly


The year is long ahead so I haven’t fill in much detail. I realized that if I mark every plan, events or appointments, it will get uncomfortably crowded. So in the middle of marking dates (I know, for a planner I don’t plan ahead much) I decided that this future log is only for blog-related goals or appointments or milestones. That way, I can avoid it getting too stuffed.

As for other aspects of my life, who knows? Maybe I’ll make another future log or try other log methods. What would you guys recommend?

Ryder Carroll’s Future Log
Easy to make
Easy to look/understand
Doesn’t take a lot of space (6+ whole months in two pages!)

May get crowded quickly and easily

7 Essential Things to Prepare For Your Blog Before Even Launching It

dayTODAYdo is brand new, but I’ve been obsessing (and fantasizing!) about launching a blog months before. I’ve had loads blogs than I care to remember, but they went to dust and I hadd no intention to get something out of it other than self expression.

That’s until, at one point I thought, “Hey, this is fun. If I can do this for a living, that would be great.” So I began my to think about launching a blog as a serious goal.

But because I was so worked up with my undergraduate thesis in Psychology (and that means mostly worrying and reading and thinking for pleasure instead of getting things done) and I need to make practical money for practical use, I can’t afford any idle period where I pay for hosting but can’t attend to the blog fully. I know. Even though they’re just roughly $4 a month. Besides, I’m rather a meticulous planner. I hope that makes up for being a sloppy executer, but I need to plan as much ahead before getting on board with anything.

So, while telling myself that I’m going to focus to graduate for now (yea right), I secretly planned and prepared anything I can for my blog before even launching it.

before launching a blog

I know my situation is unconventional and weird, but if you found my story relatable or even plausible for some reasons, here’s what you can start preparing months before launching your blog:

A Blog Name

prepare blog name before launching a blog

When I decided that I’m going to get serious about blogging, I started thinking about a blog name. I don’t want to waste hours staring into the my hosting order page thinking “What should be my domain name?”. And apparently it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. I scribbled down any words that I think could represent my blog, combined some of the words, see if any of it makes sense, and finally, see if I like any of it. It took me one whole page and I came up with new ideas every single day for a few weeks before deciding to dayTODAYdo. Of course you’ll have your own process. But my point is, this could take long, so start as soon as you can. You don’t need anything to start crafting for a name, so do it now. Write it in your vision board of notebook to keep you motivated.

Choosing A Platform and a Hosting Site

prepare hosting before launching a blog

Before choosing WordPress as a platform and Hostgator as hosting provider, I’ve pretty much learn as much as I can about all the options. I learned the pros and cons of using and I read many many reviews about various hosting sites. And so far, I’m happy about my decision on both. I recommend you do your own research on this topic before launching a blog to come up with a decision that suits your need and goals.

Conceptualize/ Categorize

define categories before launching blog

What kind of stuffs are you planning to post in your blog? Are you writing stories, tips, listicles, reviews? Or all of those things?
This part is particularly hard for me because I want so many things for dayTODAYdo. I want to write tips, devotions, reviews, and I know I have to weave it together to make a comprehensive blog. I’m still working to build an intact blog with all seemingly unrelated parts but I got to start somewhere so for now I’m settling with this categorization:
day-to-day: I’m fascinated with building habits and organizing life day by day. This is where I put posts about planning and self development and devotions.
TODAY: Even though there are things you should do every day, there are things that can only happen TODAY. This is where I put my news roundup.
DO: Things that I’ve tried and recommend for readers to do. Includes reviews to the movies I watch, books I read, places I explored, and activities I enjoyed.

If you want to focus on one category, that’s great. But even if you don’t, you can still make it work with an extra thought on categorizing.

At Least 5 Blog Posts

prepare blog posts before launching blog

When I finally launch dayTODAYdo, I’ve already got more than 5 articles in my pocket, ready to publish right away. This is important because once you’ve got your first visitors, you’ll want them to explore your blog more, right? Well, then give them something to see. This way, you’ll also look more professional and credible so visitors will be much more likely to follow or subscribe compared to a new blog with only 1 or 2 posts.

Simple Business Plan

business plan to launch a blog

Yes, you can do this even before the blog arrives. Ask yourself these important questions before starting:
What are your goals?
How do you plan to monetize?
Will you be selling products or services?
Who is your ideal target audience?
What sets you apart from other similar bloggers?
Where will you market your contents once its launched?
If you can’t answer some of the questions, it’s totally fine. And even if you can, be sure to evaluate once you launched.

About Me

Every blog should have an About page to let readers or potential clients know who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. Writing about yourself and make it sound impressing while still being honest in a non-bragging way can be tricky. You may need to rewrite and revise several times before feeling satisfied about it. Thankfully, you can start doing it right now, even before you launched the blog. Even when you have, always revise and improve your about me page as needed.

Logo or Header

add logo header for blog launch

A logo or at least a crafted header will make you look professional. It will also help in branding and social media. You can hire a freelancer to craft an awesome logo or header for your blog. As for me, because I like designing (and I was on a tight blogging budget), I took matter into my own hands. I use Adobe Photoshop to create my simple header.

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9 Entertaining Movies About Creative Pursuits

creative pursuit movies emma-stone-as-eugenia-skeeter-phelan-in-the copy 2

I’m pretty sure I share this with virtually everyone in the planet: I love movies. And while for me the activity of watching movies started out as mere entertainment, I started to realize how I particularly enjoy some movies with a certain vibe, which I can’t figure out until lately. One day I decided that it’s time for me make a list of my favorite movies, partly because I think that’s a fun thing to do, and partly because I think I’ll save it for bad days (while actually I did watch them on a regular basis over and over again).

Then I found a significant amount of creative pursuit movies on my list. In almost all my favorite movies, the main characters are professional creatives or have some kind of a creative endeavours: as a writer, singer, creator, actor, or dancer. And you know what, it feels awesome to know yourself a little better. I’ve been watching more creative pursuit movies since, and here are my favorite:

Entertaining Creative Pursuit Movies

The Help (2011)

creative pursuit movie the help

The story took place during the civil right movements in the 1960s, about an aspiring author, Skeeter (Emma Stone) who decides to write a tell-all book about African American maids. This movie is heartwarming in so many ways as it captures the lives and hardships faced by “the help” (Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer), but also their warmth and kindness. I was amazed by Skeeter’s bold and tireless (and creative!) efforts to represent the diminished voice of the maids.

Begin Again (2013)

creative pursuit movie begin again

Dan (Mark Ruffalo) met Gretta (Keira Knightley), an independent singer-songwriter, when he was struggling with his record label company. The movie captures the two musicians’ creative journey making music in the outdoors of New York City. I enjoy the movie’s original soundtrack, especially Coming Up Roses (performed by Keira Knightley) and Lost Stars (performed by Adam Levine, also starring as Gretta’s ex-boyfriend).

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

creative pursuit writer devil wears prada

As an aspiring journalist, at first Andrea (Anne Hathaway) wasn’t very fond of the job she landed as a second assistant to Runway fashion magazine’s editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). She didn’t enjoy any of the company culture of high fashion and lifestyle, but put up with the job anyway with the hopes that the experience could help her find another job later. The story follows Andrea’s journey reinventing herself in the job (and in Paris!).

Joy (2015)

creative pursuit movie joy

Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) is a terrific businesswoman alright. She was known for her business empire that made her millions. But she’s also a creative; Joy creates things. She invented the self-wringing Miracle Mop through a process that would not be less than a creative process. I like how the movie captures her creative approach to things and her struggling journey to market what she created.

Grace of Monaco (2014)

creative pursuit movie grace of monaco

Grace Kelly sure had many impressive aspects of identity that makes her so iconic. She was the Princess of Monaco. She was also an activist, and a sensational actress in her time. Even though the movie focuses on Grace’s life after she married the Prince of Monaco and left her acting career, the plot follows her strive to take the main role offered by Hitchcock for the film Marnie in 1962. Grace (Nicole Kidman) struggled to get approval while continue learning to become a better actress and princess and woman.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

creative movie writer ruby sparks

Calvin (Paul Dano) is an introverted young novelist, who one day decided to write about a girl he once had a dream about. Conflict arise when the fictional girl that he named Ruby (Zoe Kazan) somehow came to life, perfectly matching not only the description but also the narration he had wrote about the girl’s life. Things got crazy when Calvin, who had decided to stop writing about Ruby and pursue a real relationship with her, got jealous and finally revealed how she’s just a product of his writing.

Obvious Child (2014)

creative pursuit film obvious child

Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) is a stand-up comedian who got dumped in the bathroom after performing, had a one-night stand with Max (Jake Lacy), got pregnant, and have to schedule her abortion on Valentine’s Day. I love how this movie portrays the character’s tragedies in such a comical way that’s so interesting and intriguing to watch.

Apartment Troubles (2014)

creative pursuit movie artist apartment troubles

Nicole (Jess Weixler) and Olivia (Jennifer Prediger) are two roommates struggling to make money out of their artistic endeavors. On the verge of eviction, the two embark on a journey to ask help from Nicole’s wealthy aunt, who later suggest them to audition at a TV talent show she produced. The two then faced with the mainstream audience’s rather singular taste on art and talent, and failed the audition. Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger who played the two main characters also wrote and directed the movie. The film itself is an impressive creative pursuit!

Black Swan (2010)

movie about creative pursuit black swan

This movie portrays a complicated creative process experienced by Nina (Natalie Portman), a professional dancer who strive to get the lead role in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. While her portrayal of the White Swan was impeccable, Nina struggled to elaborate her dark side for Black Swan before she found herself lost in it.

movies about creative pursuit

What’s your favorite movies about creative pursuits? What movies do you think I should watch next? I would love to know your recommendations!