My name is Edira (e-dear-ah).
I love individuals like you; people who have their own creative pursuits, whatever that may be. dayTODAYdo itself is a milestone of my creative journey, which has been so exciting up until now. I hope to promote creativity as a comprehensive lifestyle, which consist of creating an organized day-to-day life, while embracing today in all its uniqueness, then do things, anything, to enhance or express your creativity.

I believe creativity is not synonymous with disorganization. The day-to-day section is crafted to inspire creative people like you to get organized (trust me, it’s not dull at all). As for me, organizing my day-to-day life has been a productive creativity channel. Yes, it’s possible.

I also think one doesn’t have to lead a creative life that’s centered towards herself/himself. That’s why the today section is dedicated to update you with a few important (and/or interesting) things that’s happening in the world curated from the plethora of information around the internet.

At last, the substance of it all, is in doing things that align with your creativity. The do section is where I showcase mine, and I encourage you to participate by sharing yours.

Contact me for any inquiries on guest posting/sponsorship/collaboration/anything. I’d love to get to get in touch with you!